John Haylock


John helps accountants unleash the potential of their business. He focuses on increasing job throughput leading to higher performing businesses, better working environments and happier clients.

John Haylock
John helped New Zealand chartered accountancy firm STRATAGEM (now part of PricewaterhouseCoopers) achieve breakthrough performance by listening to and focusing on what clients really wanted – great work delivered on time with no surprises. He has since championed the development of a new business model for accountants focused on optimising throughput – in contrast to the traditional focus on trying to maximise chargeable hours. This business model gives a foundation for providing higher value services to clients. It is widely applied in New Zealand, Australia and increasingly elsewhere.

Since 2003 John has written more than 80 articles on business development and marketing for “The Journal” – the monthly publication of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants. He is also the author of the business novel “Absolute Certainty – how to give your clients exactly what they want”. John has presented Continuing Professional Development courses for NZICA and spoken at national events run by both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and CPA Australia.

John also works with BankLink as Practice Performance Manager. BankLink sources client transactional data from the banking system and provides accountants with software to process this data to produce accounting information for clients. BankLink provides this streamlined accountancy service throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

A listing of  John's books and other publications

  • “Absolute Certainty – how to give your clients exactly what they want” – Maruki Books (2010). Steve Pipe says Absolute Certainty “is packed full of profoundly important and practical insights. A must read for accountants.” 
  • “Stand out from the crowd – how to differentiate your practice to be more competitive”. A continuing professional development course co-authored with Grant McQuoid – NZICA (2006) 
  • “Running an efficient compliance practice”. A continuing professional development course co-authored with David Smith – NZICA (2003) 
  • 80+ monthly articles in the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants’  “ The Journal” (2003 - present)