Tamera Loerzel


Tamera Loerzel is a partner of ConvergenceCoaching, LLC, a national consulting firm that helps leaders achieve success, and is a frequent speaker, facilitator, and author in the CPA profession.

Tamera LoerzelTamera Loerzel is a partner of ConvergenceCoaching, LLC and is committed to helping clients capitalize on opportunities to transform their practices and businesses.

Prior to ConvergenceCoaching, Tamera managed the BDO USA Minneapolis consulting group and implemented their middle market financial software service and customer relationship management methodologies. In addition to her local responsibilities, she directed the national sales and marketing efforts of the package solutions group at BDO.

Prior to BDO, Tamera acted as the National Sales Manager for State of the Art, Inc. (now known as Sage Software, Inc.), where she was responsible for financial systems sales, CPA programs, marketing communications and recruitment, and channel communications. She was instrumental in managing the sales team and executing an alliance strategy to help CPA firms build relationships with third-party organizations to provide their clients with practical business management solutions.

Tamera is a member of the Minnesota Chapter of Sales and Marketing Executives, Toastmasters, and both the national and local chapters of the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) and Association for Accounting Administration (AAA). Tamera is a frequent facilitator, speaker, and coach and has written articles for several state and national CPA publications and associations on employee engagement, sales and marketing, leadership, and succession planning.

She is the author of Straight Talk Your Way To Success E-Book (http://www.convergencecoaching.com/straight-talk-your-way-to-success-e-book/)